High-Quality Paving Services

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BMI has been laying hot-mix asphalt since our company was formed in 1963. We have the experience, equipment, and people available to take care of all your paving needs. We install asphalt fast, cheap, and at a quality few contractors are able to meet. Get experienced service for projects of all sizes by calling us!

We can pave it all!
• Highways
• Streets
• Parking Lots
• Street and Parking Lot Overlays
• Walking/Biking Trails
• Driveways
• Asphalt Patching

Extend the life of your asphalt surfaces

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All asphalt surfaces require regular maintenance to prolong their useful life. Let's face it – we live in Minnesota, where no structural surface is immune to our extreme weather.  If we want it to last, we need to protect and maintain it.

Our team provides quality asphalt maintenance including seal coating, crack filling, and patching.  We are also very competitive in our offerings of chip sealing and parking lot striping.  We are set up to handle any size parking lot, road, driveway, or trail. We offer our customers fast, inexpensive, and effective maintenance services with unbeatable lasting quality.

Get high-quality aggregate materials

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Our company has abundant aggregate resources in Southern Minnesota and the metro area.  We not only use these resources in our asphalt and on-site projects, but also sell them. Testing results are available upon request. Call us to learn more!

A wide variety of resources
 • Class 5 aggregate
 • Pit run and rip rap
 • Recycled asphalt (millings/crushed)
 • 1" or 1 1/2" crushed concrete
 • Landscaping boulders
 • Black dirt (screening available)

Delivery and recycling

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Need delivery of your materials? We have the dump trucks, including belly and end dump trucks, to provide you with delivery services. You can get delivery of small or large quantities from us.

We also recycle asphalt and concrete. Need to dispose of concrete or asphalt chunks from your project site?  Dump at our site for FREE!